About HMP DME Services:

Established in 1995, HMP DME SERVICES was designed to provide durable medical equipment for the ever changing needs of Hospice, Long Term Care Facilities and Hospitals. Since then, we’ve expanded to service the consumer retail market and added a small showroom to our Blue Springs location.  Using a team approach, we coordinate our efforts with the appropriate staff member to determine the most effective and appropriate equipment, supplies and service needed.  We pride ourselves with the best quality medical equipment and most reliable service in the industry.  Our delivery of medical equipment includes set up and instruction on the proper use of each piece of medical equipment.

Headquartered in Blue Springs, Mo., with a branch office in Tulsa, Ok, HMP DME SERVICES maintains an office staff ready to take your order and answer questions. Our quality control staff ensures that the medical equipment you order is clean and in good working order before leaving the warehouse.  A technician is available to bring emergency medical equipment to your door 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

An account representative is available to help with your rental or purchase needs of durable medical equipment.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

HMP DME SERVICES maintains a warehouse of medical equipment such as: Hospital beds, Bariatric equipment, Oxygen concentrators, Oxygen cylinders, Liquid oxygen units, Wheelchairs of different sizes, mattress replacement systems and many other types of equipment.  All medical equipment is available for purchase or rental.  An on call technician is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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